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Five Nights at Candy’s

Five Nights at Candy's (Official)

Five Nights at Candy’s (Official) is a FNAF-inspired created by a fan. You can download and join it for free to embark on a new creepy adventure. In the game, there is going to be another restaurant replacing Freddy Fazbear’s New Pizzeria that has shut down for good. The owner of this place wants you to work as a night guard watching over the entire building. You take this job for a good salary but you don’t know how difficult and dangerous it is. At night, the whole restaurant will be filled with darkness, and the cameras are armed with the Night Vision. You are supposed to activate the Night Vision to look around the surroundings easily. You have to fight against some animatronics that are wandering around the restaurant, like Candy The Cat, Cindy The Cat, The Penguin, Blank The Animatronic, Old Candy, and Chester The Chimpanzee. They want to enter your office to kill you. So you must track them down using the cameras, and make sure they can’t sneak into the room. Think you can survive all nights? Download it now!

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